Join Us!

It’s that time again!
Our 2014 red wine blend is quietly fermenting, getting ready for the bottling process this fall, and distribution in early 2016.
Up on the hill, our plants are bursting with life and getting stronger by the day.
Will YOU be a part of this grand adventure?
The share(s) of wine that you receive with your 2015 Guild Membership will include for the first time grapes grown in and harvested from the Red Door Vineyard!
While the RDV Guild accepts renewals at any time, we encourage you to do so in the Spring; this way you will be certain to receive invitations to the Guild events that we plan throughout the year.
Missing your renewal form?  Please contact for a copy.
Interested in becoming a NEW member?
1)    Click here for information:
2)    Pick up a brochure in the office at church
3)    For an emailed brochure, please contact
THANK YOU for your interest and your support – we look forward to hearing from you.


Harvest Festival

We celebrated our first harvest with a fun party for grownups and children alike.  While the adults sipped wine and enjoyed appetizers, the children played games, decorated pumpkins and bobbed for apples.  Highlight of the event: grape stomping! See video at the bottom of the post (that’s our vicar in the denim jacket – what a good sport she is!)

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I’ve got a CRUSH on you

After carefully sorting, de-stemming and crushing our beautiful fruit, the fermentation process began.  One short week later, we had the beginnings of some truly beautiful wine.  We pressed the last few drops from the skins, and placed our juice in glass vessels to age a bit.  Early next year, it will be married with purchased wine to create our final product.


destemming / crushing

short stuff 🙂

our first crush

the press


the carboy

France v. California

Our Reserve, Cordon, Rootstock, and Grand Cru guild members were invited to the lovely home of the Lamb family for a very special Wine Adventure.  A la “Bottle Shock,” our palates were challenged to differentiate between French and California wines. A beautiful evening in a gorgeous setting with friends, old and new – what more could one ask for?  C’est la vie!

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The Vintner's Board of the Red Door Vineyard

The Vintner’s Board of the Red Door Vineyard

Bottling Time

Our second vintage – 2012 – is now in the bottle.
50 cases signed, sealed and delivered in under 3 hours.
Apparently we’re getting pretty good at this.

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