Bottling 2014

Bottling is typically a last-minute proposition.  Each year we reach out to our members for help with the daunting task of filling, corking, foiling and boxing roughly 50 cases of our precious wine.  And each year we have a small handful of enthusiastic assistants who are available at the last minute, learning the ropes.

This bottling – our 2013 vintage – is the final year of using 100% purchased grapes.  Our 2014 vintage will be bottled in the Fall of 2015 and will be approximately 25% actual RDV grapes.  We look forward to providing a higher percentage of RDV wine in our blends each successive year.

Of course there’s always a little tasting involved.  Can’t be helped.


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Celebrating a job well done.  CHEERS!

Celebrating a job well done. CHEERS!


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