It was hot this year.  High temperatures in the first few months of the year caused a very early budbreak.  The vines experienced massive growth quite early on, resulting in the need for a very early harvest; instead of the expected September/October scenario, our grapes were ripe and ready mid-August.  Our loyal Guild members responded quickly to our call for help – roughly 30 folks rose at the crack of dawn to pull the fruit and nestle it gently into tubs, buckets and baskets.

Our first-ever harvest destined for bottling yielded 389 pounds of glorious fruit!  For the first-timers (most of us!) the process was exhilarating.  We sorted, destemmed, crushed and fermented the grapes, which resulted in 28 gallons of exceptionally tasty wine.  To touch, smell and taste the fruits of our labor – literally! – is an experience like no other.

Despite a year of adverse growing conditions, we are very proud of this blend.  We will be marrying it with purchased wine in early 2015, for distribution in early 2016.


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