Spring ’13: Our Next 200 Vines

In early 2013, our Red Door Vineyard Guild founders renewed their memberships with enthusiasm.  New Guild members joined as well.  The support allowed us to plant an additional 200 vines on the hill.  Here are some pics to tell the story of that process.

IMG_5958 IMG_5959 IMG_5960 IMG_5961 IMG_5962 IMG_5977IMG_5995IMG_5972 IMG_5974 IMG_5993IMG_5971

Spring + Westlake Football = Vineyard Expansion!

We needed brawn to tackle the hillside.
They needed funds to get to a face-off in Hawaii.
So a few vineyard enthusiasts offered donations to a cadre of Westlake High School football players in exchange for some time on the hill.  With a rented auger, some muscle and a whole lot of sweat, these polite and enthusiastic young men pushed themselves to the limit.
The result: 200 new holes, sometimes through rock, for our next planting of rootstock.

IMG_5902  IMG_5903  IMG_5900IMG_5901  IMG_5906  IMG_5904    IMG_5898  IMG_5905   IMG_5888IMG_5912


Lake Sherwood

RDV Cordon, Rootstock and Grand Cru Guild members were invited to a Private Home event.
Lake Sherwood was the beautiful backdrop for this fabulous evening.
Special thanks to Stephanie and John ~ we enjoyed ourselves tremendously!


IMG_5930IMG_5915IMG_5934   IMG_5918IMG_5914IMG_5922IMG_5925 IMG_5924 IMG_5921   IMG_5926IMG_5929

January ’13 Wine Distribution

All dressed up and ready to go (home)! 


Our RDV ’11 vintage (bottled in late September 2012) was distributed at a lively gathering at Epiphany that included a wine tasting and delightful appetizers.  Members received their bottled wine and labels customized with their names.


We enjoyed a trip into the vineyard where we embossed our names on aluminum tags, which we then hung on the vine(s) of our choosing.

IMG_5435IMG_5445IMG_5421 IMG_5419 IMG_5412IMG_5409IMG_5413

A few stubborn leaves were still clinging to the branches.
While most were clearly dormant, some of the vines already had signs of new buds forming.

RDV ’12 Bottling Event

September 30 was a landmark day – our first vintage of the RDV label was bottled!  A small group of Guild members worked hard all afternoon to get the job done.  After labeling, the wine will be distributed in January 2013.

Training Time

Our vines are growing like crazy!  We met on Saturday the 18th of August to weed, fertilize, stake the plants and train the vines onto the trellis wires.  There are even a few clusters of grapes to be found!  At 85% of our rootstock “pushing” we are very pleased with the progress overall.